Who We Work With

We have worked with many individual Universities as well as sectoral organisations, Government Departments, Non-Departmental Government Bodies and Charities. Examples of previous clients include:  the British Council, Belfast City Council, Colleges Northern Ireland, Colleges Scotland, Department for Employment and Learning Northern Ireland, Jisc, the NCCPE, the N8 Research Partnership, Universities UK, Universities Wales, University College Dublin, Dublin City University, Universities of Cardiff, Chichester, East Anglia, Exeter, Glasgow, Kent, Leeds, Manchester, Salford, Plymouth, Westminster and very many others. We also undertake evaluation and social valuation for third sector organisations such as the Fife Employability Action Trust and its work in Silverburn Park in Fife, Scotland.

The bespoke nature of our work means that we no longer usually participate in general tenders. Most of our business comes through word-of-mouth recommendation or repeat business from clients.  Every report we do is different, because every client is different.  We prefer to work with a client to identify the methodological approach and type of study that would be of most value to that client and the purposes for which they would like a study undertaken.

As a small, specialist, company we normally only take on a new project after discussion to be sure there is a good 'fit' between our expertise and organisational culture and the client's strategic aims for the project. We are always happy to have an initial discussion about your aims for any project.