Project and Programme Evaluation

We undertake a range of project and programme evaluation, with a particular emphasis on identifying and quantifying outputs or deliverables that contribute to the overall project or programme desired goals.  

This can include:

Development of a comprehensive evaluation framework, including building an overarching Theory of Change or Logic Model that elaborates the ‘pathway to impact.’

Working with clients to identify and quantify the specific programme activities and outputs that contribute towards the ultimate desired outcomes.

Using a fully populated framework for the derivation of a wide range of measures and performance indicators, including measures of cost-efficiency and cost-effectiveness as well as cost-benefit.

We have previously worked on project and programme evaluation frameworks with a range of clients including Jisc and London South Bank University as well as ongoing work with Silverburn Park in Fife. Work with Silverburn Park includes evaluation of projects for the Community Renewal Fund, the Rural Communities into Action Fund and the National Heritage Lottery Fund.